Delta Toddler Nutrition Launch & Activation

Communication Objectives

Educate parents on how they can promote a healthier lifestyle for their child through a balanced diet.
Communicate the USP of DELTA Smart products.


Full Year Sampling Program

Since 2013, having a child’s smiley face in our minds we create a year plan to support and inform parents about their child’s nutrition.

DELTA Smart was the perfect product to help us make even more faces smile!

Festive days provide us with the perfect opportunity to see our ambition become a reality! The begging of every school year in stores where families visit for school supplies, on Christmas & Easter in high traffic sites, Halloween in carnivals , Mother’s Day events, or even during summer vacation in summer camps, our team is present, offering DELTA Smart products to all participants and of course tailor made giveaways suitable for every occasion!

Delta Smart sponsorships

Over the past 3 years, we have established cooperations between Delta and museums, theaters, fun parks in Athens and Thessaloniki (like Gialino Musical Theater, Sofouli Theater, Theater Ilisia and Michalis Kakogiannis Institution, Mouseio Peiramatwn) with a strong presence not only in visibility construction and materials but also through educative and fun activities specially designed for every each of them.

What else do children love? To play with their food! We designed an on-pack competition with stickers that our little friends could stick on a poster while get in a lottery winning even more gifts.

DELTA moms

Could a campaign dedicated to children not include something special for their mothers? We publicized the portal Delta moms dedicated to all moms through events that took place in big malls in the city of Athens and Thessaloniki. There, we offered to every mom willing to sign in, a personalized cotton shopping bag.

We supported DELTA moms presence on FB by designing and implementing special contests that make all DELTA moms happy!